Zambia- Explore this elegant landlocked country

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”

John Hemingway (American author)

This fine quote holds true for this amazing country as well. Zambia borders South Africa and is a country full of wildlife adventures and culture. Some of its wildlife is still unexplored, unexploited and undiscovered. Some travellers worry about the safety while travelling into this continent… thanks to the global media! But Zambia has been voted as one of the safest country in the African continent and the friendly locals help you guide through your stay. You can enjoy the rich landscape, the charming sunsets and the amazing wildlife.

Here are some places/activities I enjoyed during my stay in Zambia:

  1. Wildlife of South Luangwa National Park

Nowhere on the earth had I seen such rich wildlife. South Luangwa is one of the remotest part of Zambia but is worth the travel. If there’s majestic beauty on earth, it’s here in South Lungwa. You can spot slender and timid giraffes, a gang of zebra grazing, antelopes running around, a leopard somewhere in solitary and of course the king of the jungle. You would have seen a lion in a zoo but in this national park, they don’t promote animal cruelty and you can see them in their natural habitat. You will also come across multiple herds of elephants along your way. So all you need to do is grab your camera, adore the natural beauty and look for the wild animals.

2. Sunsets

Nothing describes African beauty than the sunsets. It’s a stunning view to see how the entire blue sky fades away into an orange shade. You will see the best sunset of your life in Zambia and other African countries as well. If you are a sunset person, nothing is more important than witnessing one in this magnificent country.  I was in awe of this natural creation and is nothing less than a postcard landscape.

3. Victoria Falls

Also called as Mosi oa-Tunya by the locals, it literally means ‘smoke that thunders’. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is a sight that can’t be described in mere words. In November 1855, Dr David Livingstone was transported in a canoe by the local Makalolo people to the very edge of these falls. He was overwhelmed by the first sight of the falls and decided to make this place his home and called it ‘Livingstone’.

Victoria Falls is the biggest curtain of falling water in the world, forming the most remarkable feature of the Zambezi River. It is about 1700 m wide a 108 m high. Another interesting fact about Victoria Falls is that it is the world’s largest sheet of falling water and is almost double the height of Niagara Falls and half a kilometer wider. Such mesmerizing sights should not be missed and added to the travel list, immediately. It is also a hidden gem of Africa and if you want to see the waterfall at its best, March-June is the best season. You can also take a day pass and go across towards Zimbabwe. This is the only place on earth where you can witness a waterfall from two different countries in just an hour.

4. Rhino Walking Safari

Livingstone, Zambia has the only walking rhino safari in the world. There are about 9 White rhinoceros who are guarded 24*7 and one needs to follow the guide’s instructions to view these one-horned giant creatures. They weigh about 2,300 kgs and are aggressive in nature. You should not break the rules and be as quiet as possible. They are one of the very few rare animals left in the world, thanks to the poachers. But, you should always respect the wildlife and cause no harm to the nature’s harmony.

5. Birds

Zambia has a variety of colourful and rare bird species. Whether you are at the Victoria Falls, by the Zambezi river or doing a safari in South Luangwa, you will definitely spot a lot of different species. If you are a bird enthusiast like me, make sure you keep your camera handy as birds are very sensitive and they fly away in seconds. You will spot a variety of hornbills, a few cranes and lots others. You can spot them early morning where they come to soak in the sun rays. So, make sure you are up and about before the sun rises.

In the image: Trumpeter Hornbill

In the image: Crown Craned

Whether you visit Zambia or any other country in Africa, it is important to respect the nature and the local culture. Don’t venture into restricted areas and get off the safari jeep in the middle of the forest unless instructed by the guide. There’s nothing more disturbing than a tourist not following the rules of the local country.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. You can leave your comments below.

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