Welcome to Wilderness

Here’s a poetic twist to my wildlife adventure in Zambia.

Excited to start my vacation, I hop into the jeep,

And that’s when I hear my smartphone beep.


As the wheels begin to roll on the gravel road,

I ignore the notifications on my phone and enable the flight mode.

As we move closer… into the lap of nature,

My worries begin to evaporate like steam and vapour.

My irrelevant thoughts are suddenly disturbed by an elephant’s triumph,

And an entire family of these hefty wrinkled animals cross the path, all in silence.


Further ahead, the sun plays hide and seek in between the trees,

And my monotonous life slowly fades away as I feel the romantic cold breeze.


My heart beats faster as I hear the lion roar,

And eventually I see these rampant wild beasts sleeping like babies, on the floor.


I feel so small in front of this giant feline,

for I start to lose my power as a human being.

Zebras, giraffes, Antelopes and birds,

All of universe’s magical creation makes us short of words.

As the golden sun sets on the horizon giving way to the silver moon,

The animals also start their journey back home away from the lagoon.


And when I start to ride back home,

I realize that I am not alone anymore.

For nature never lets you be!

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