Why I Chose A Life, Away from the City!

Around a year ago, I was a regular city girl with a very busy schedule. I had no time to invest in anything else apart from work. My routine was literally, work, sleep and repeat. I didn’t complain much but did that even make me productive? I guess not!

After working five years in one of the most stressful work environment, I realized that it’s not worth it. Even though I earned the money, I had started to lose my patience and time. And, time is money, right?

But then came a big change in my life! I quit my job and left the city life of Mumbai, India. I got married and moved to Malawi with my husband to start from scratch. It’s a very small landlocked country, tucked in the South Central Africa. Even though I have always loved a quiet, peaceful life, it was still a big challenge for me. I had so much free time that it made me uncomfortable. But, then things changed and I decided to take up the activities that I missed in the hustle bustle of the city.

I took up gardening, started teaching yoga and got a new camera lens to capture the natural beauty around me.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world but very rich in its natural beauty. It may not have tall buildings but has a magnificent wildlife (not the one in a crowded zoo but in its natural setting).  Unlike the cities, there’s no hectic schedule but enough time to look up and view the clear wallpaper-like blue sky.

There’s no online shopping but you learn to adopt the minimalist lifestyle (It means wearing the same T-shirt to every party). You can grow your own vegetables in your backyard and pluck it fresh before cooking a meal. I only buy the exotic fruits and vegetables and otherwise use my garden veggies for most meals. I learnt a lot about the art of growing vegetables, flowers and fruits and it keeps me closer to the mother earth and nature. I like the smell of soil on my hands. It’s pure bliss!

The city lifestyle is bound to give you stress and illness, but the smaller towns give you good health. There’s ample time to focus on my fitness and since a takeaway concept doesn’t exist here, I mostly eat home cooked meals. Bye bye…junk food and double chin!

Malawi has a very fertile land and is home to some of the most colourful flowers and trees. A stroll in your neighbourhood is like walking in a boulevard with a vast blue sky. The onset of spring is a feast to the eyes with a myriad of plants and birds displayed all over this humble country. A burst of purple, yellow, red and orange… all laid up for you to make the most of your life, away from the city.

I live a much relaxed life and breathe quite fresh air!

Who wants to leave such a beautiful country and go back to die in the gas chamber? Not me!


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